Monday, December 22, 2008

Prelude to a Story

IT'S EASY to know when people are hiding and lying. Like with the Paris Review/CIA matter. Every revelation has been dragged forward; grudgingly made.

Richard Cummings said that Peter Matthiessen had been a CIA agent. No one admitted anything. Many disbelieved him. Cummings turned out to be right.

This meant nothing-- literati claimed-- didn't touch the magazine. "There's nothing here; nothing to see!" they blandly insisted while hiding something obvious behind their back, as if dealing with three-year olds. "You're simply mistaken."

Now the admission is made by individuals talking vaguely and quickly that Paris Review was indeed founded with CIA money. Beyond this, no one knows anything. Matthiessen, recent National Book Award winner, is having trouble with his memory, but has come forth with one word: "Fleischmann."
(To be continued.)

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