Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Earthquake Report

People are wondering if the ULA's Steve Kostecke, who lives in Thailand, survived the earthquake. All I can say is that I received an e-mail purportedly from him (didn't mention the quake) so I assume he did. More news if necessary.


Anonymous said...

I wrote Steve immediately after hearing about the tsunamis, making sure he was all right, and this is what he wrote back:

"I'm more than fine. I'm way up in Northern Thailand. It would take me a
two-day drive to get down to the southern isles and beaches area where the
tsunamis hit. (Crazy thing is: I'm on my way in a couple days for several
weeks of backpacking---including heading down to that area: what if I had
quit my job three weeks earlier? or even a slight tear in the space-time
continuum coulda gotten me as well). So far there are over 300 confirmed
dead in Thailand--but there are also still a couple hudred people missing.
There were tons of people out on boats at that time--especially since this
is the peak of the tourist season (mid-Dec to mid-Jan). And could you
imagine lounging around on some beach when all the sudden a five meter tidal
wave--three of them!--come at you? It's amazing that this one quake could do
so much damage throughout such a large portion of the earth."

But the death toll just keeps leaping day by day, it's such an incomprehensible disaster. It's nearly doubled, to 50,000, just today.

Tim Hall

Anonymous said...

And today the Post is reporting 68,000 -- TH