Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The McSweeney's Saga Is Cancelled!!

Shocking! Even with two new episodes already in the can.

But my programming department (a hazy and underworked part of my brain) has determined that the main characters of the show, "The Dave" and "The Witch Woman" (Vendela Vida) weren't compelling enough to keep it going. Plots were scarce. Even Special Guest Star Jonathan "The Librarian" Franzen didn't help.

Mid-season replacement starting this Friday or next will be "The Goodfather: The Mini-Series." This is the saga of Hiram F. Moody III (inept son of Don Moody) and his gradual maturation into a greedy and morally bankrupt ruthless person as he fights a certain Don Eggers for control of the lit-world.

As no episodes of "The Goodfather" are yet written (the cancellation was a hasty decision), I'll be interchanging episodes as I prepare them with excerpts from the infamous killed Atlantic article about Dave Eggers. (I hope to retain some of the Eggers Cult as readers.) I still also have the two unseen "McSweeney's Saga" chapters to play with. (But let's face it: After awhile too much McSweeney's gets sickening.)

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Noah Cicero said...

Agument between Eggers and Moody on who is better
a short play

Moody: I impress more reviewers.
Eggers: But when I show my mom she is more impressed than your mom.
Moody: But I use bigger words.
Eggers: Yes, but I make less sense.
Moody: But I'm better at pretending I know anything about human behavior.
Eggers: No, I'm better at pretending I know anything about human behavior.
Moody: It takes me over ten minutes to write every one of my lines that make no sense.
Eggers: it takes me twenty minutes to construct a line that makes no sense and sounds better than yours.
Moody: What are we fighting about, we both make lots of money off of our books and we don't know the difference between a hole in the ground and our own assholes.
Eggers: You're right, lets order another martini and go skiing.