Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Phantom Unmasked!

After seeing their photos, and learning something about their relationship, I realized Gaston LeRoux based his novel The Phantom of the Opera on the friendship between Hans Christian Andersen and Jenny Lind.

(More recent lit mysteries will be uncovered on this blog next week. Stay tuned.)

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Anonymous said...

Evil Journalista has seen this "Phantom of the Opera." He is possessed of good features, like Yushchenko, after poison.

It is cold where Evil Journalista lives in Exile. When will it stop raining? For days, Evil Journalista has huddled shivering in the bosom of his brittle Christmas tree, craving life-giving warmth. His bride Svetlana has run off to prostitute herself on the streets, until she can afford batteries for Evil Journalista's haywire thermostat.

Still, Evil Journalista is excited about New Year. He will accomplish great things, greater even than posting on Demi-Puppet and Corley blog! Perhaps his Interview Demand Outreach Program will blossom into a delicate flower that will destroy the world! Or, perhaps Evil Journalista will continue to languish in self-imposed obscurity, despised and mistrusted by even his Old Comrades.

It is too soon to know.