Monday, December 20, 2004

A Quote

From Bohemian Paris by Dan Franck.

"--the average bourgeois citizen didn't have any use for them. He was entrenched within the boundaries of an old order while the pens and brushes of the time were experimenting with anarchism. . . ."

He's referring to the reaction to underground artists and writers in Paris in the early 20th Century. Demi-puppets take note! You're reactionaries who risk being left behind as a different new wave of ideas appears at the beginning of THIS century.

(There's an interesting photo in the book of the slummy Montmarte landscape, reminding me of the shack-strewn urban wilderness of parts of present-day Detroit. What's Montmarte like today?)

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Anonymous said...

Maybe there rests a slice of that Montmartre between the tourist tackiness at the top and the porno sleaze at the bottom. But I found the Americans living in Paris the most exclusive and cliquish in Europe even though they make a big show of being open to all that is new different alternative etc…

James Nowlan