Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Visit from the Crazy One

Writer "Crazy" Carl Robinson (now up at the regular ULA Blog at was in Philadelphia for the day and I showed him around town. (I let him look at all the snobby snooty patrons congregating at the local Barnes & Noble-- one well-dressed chick in particular seemed perturbed that we glanced at her. It was like seeing zoo animals. This is the same Barnes & Noble at which Larry Richette and myself were once asked to leave for speaking too loud. Very genteel.)

Crazy Carl said he wasn't used to drinking during daytime. (I'm supposed to be on the wagon, but hey, it's the holidays. How can one make a New Year's resolution if you're not doing anything wrong to begin with? I was balancing out having been dragged by a friend to mass Christmas Day-- which was cool, even though I was the only person in the place singing along to the songs; the rest of the audience was as dead as folks at a Rick Moody reading. The priest was hustling everyone for five dollars each, but the show was worth only a buck. Nice setting though.)

Crazy Carl and I had an interesting conversation at the local tavern. We worried about how to handle the striking fame the ULA will have in a few years when it's the biggest phenomenon in the culture. Will we need disguises to avoid fan hordes? Special security at our hotels? Quickly available limos? Will groupies be a problem? Will we have time to relax with sunglasses and cigars? There's a lot to worry about.

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Anonymous said...

Today on Demi-Puppet, Evil Journalista will discuss holy things.

Evil Journalista has twice been to this Christmas Mass, of Eastern Orthodox Church. He enjoyed it very much, but since that time he has been excommunicated. Now, he has no church.

As a younger man, Evil Journalista would watch teachings of Pat Robertson and Benny Hinn, on television. Now, he has no television.

He had one, but destroyed it in FIT OF RAGE, while watching Hardball with Christy Matthewson, on MSNBC.