Saturday, December 04, 2004


I regularly receive more interesting remarks via personal e-mail than are posted on this blog. I wish people would express or vent their agreement or outrage here. It'd provide strong entertainment.

I do want to remind folks that the theme of the ULA is "literary revolution." My ideas are expressed through that prism-- often through images (in my head) of workers and peasantry storming the Bastille; the mob against the aristocratic fops. (Think of Moody and Eggers in lace collars and silk handkerchiefs.) And so, when I mention Philadelphia as a "collection of mud huts," I'm not speaking literally, but in metaphor.

Philly is a great, quaint town-- but it's not the equivalent of New York, nor should it be. Nor, thankfully, does it pretend to be-- such absurdity is usually left to Chicago!

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