Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Correction Dept.

Yes, I did misattribute the McSweeney's tour Update from Philadelphia to Editor Eli Somebody, instead of to Matthias Schwartz. No excuse to be made.

The point I made stands, however. I doubt very much that Matthias would have made his offer without first clearing things with Eli. After all, it was Eli's reading. The idea presented to me was to have a photo opportunity, with myself and Eli shaking hands. Would Eli not have approved this beforehand?

As we can see by his writing the piece, Matthias seems to be in tight with the McSweeney's people-- kind of surprising.


Tao Lin said...

why do i feel like i'm in that movie

robin hood: men in tights

the tone of this blog makes me want to fall in love with someone who will help me destroy this blog

- Leopold said...

reading your post makes me want to fall in love with someone who makes sense...

Tao Lin said...

i love people who don't make sense

M said...

The tone of your blog makes me wish I spoke your moon language.

Reader of Depressing Books

D said...

reader of depressing books, I will help you destroy this blog.

Tao Lin said...

can we destroy this blog with laser pointers from a distance, hiding in bushes?

i don't think i want to destroy this blog unless with laser pointers

D said...

Yes, reader of depressing books, with laser pointers. And of course from a distance, because this blog is so ugly.

Hiding in the bushes with you sounds like fun.

Tao Lin said...

i wish the entire world were a laser pointer and i was the laser that came out of the laser pointer and instead of traveling at the speed of light i traveled at the speed of a snail and

never mind

that sounds so depressing and interminable

people over-use the word interminable

i think

it should be saved to be used only for what i described above

who agrees with me?

will the ULA attack my semantic sensibilities?

D said...

What I like about interminable is that it comes from the root term, which means end.

But term also means word or name, so while interminable means something that doesn't end, you could almost imagine that it would mean something that can’t be named.

As if when you give something a name you put an end to something about it.

The people who run this blog hate when people don’t give their names, but I think that’s just because they think they know what they know.

They want to name things so that they can know where things end. They like to draw conclusions, which also means endings, and make judgments and determinations, another word where term means end. The ULA is all about endings. They are determined. They are terminal.

I like things that are interminable. I wish more things didn’t end. Sometimes I like when I don’t know someone’s name. But I think a laser beam traveling at the speed of a snail is terrifying.