Friday, June 24, 2005

Why the ULA's Fight Is Important

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the virtually unlimited application of Eminent Domain. The seizure of individuals' property-- private homes and small businesses-- by government, to be turned over to Wal-Marts and huge monied developers building luxury condos for rich people, which has been happening throughout the country, has been legalized. We see the continued imposition of monopoly and extreme wealth on the American economy.

LITERATURE years ago was captured by conglomerate monopolies and by the nation's wealthiest class of people, who operate hand-in-hand, side-by-side. Which group of writers stands forcefully, vociferously, without pause, without compromise, against this artistic dictatorship? Only the Underground Literary Alliance.

When most lit people see Rick Moody (Hiram F. Moody III) they see the pose he's constructed of sensitive liberal pseudo-hip artiste apparently divorced from the sins and happenings of the world. When I see Moody's involvement with arts foundations, colonies, and government agencies, I see the representative of big monied interests.

The question is how long lit people like Nathalie Chica and Maud Newton will continue to live in their self-created Disneylands, blind to the way society and arts creation and promotion ACTUALLY works?

Fool or knaves? Knaves guiding fools; an island of cynical magicians and demi-puppet illusion.

The only way the monopolistic art situation can be overturned is through the force of ideas. Our campaign from the first has been a war of ideas. When we "crashed" readings we were attempting to argue our ideas-- to introduce dissent into a closed lit-society, of go-along writers, which had shut off debate about the realities of who owns literature and how it operates.

We aren't going to make change by whispering. The ULA mocks and attacks because we need to awaken brains; to cause writers in the System to THINK-- a proposition which for them is truly scary.


Tao Lin said...

i am being honest when i say that i don't understand what this post is talking about

who else is working with rick moody to destroy poor people?

Jeff Potter said...

The Corporate-Moody Cabal oppresses everyone, not just the poor, ya know.

5 corporations own 90% of the media, and have 9% of the rest slavishly imitating them and showing how good they can jump thru hoops without being asked. If a writer signs with the Big 5 they pave the way to instant bestseller status. Rick doesn't have to get his linen suit sweaty. Enough early orders are placed just because a book is from one of the Bigs to do the trick---before the public has even had a chance to read it.

But to get such a deal a writer has to show thru eager demonstration of self-censorship that they won't write about anything that matters. Indeed, they show that they will add to the social confusion, murk and malaise with their work. Verily, many of their books will be depressing (so that coy blog-lurkers will read them). A writer who tries to touch on the truth of our culture has to hide such efforts in thousands of pages and dense prose that only a few will catch and which surely won't start any kind of social snowballing or outreach.

In exchange, they get enough cash to keep up with fancy lunches and the costs of living on an exclusive island near Manhattan.

Every now and then an indy title breaks through, but Fancy Lads only sign with them as a last resort or use them as a stepping stone to the Cabal.

Wouldn't it be something if a new star was added to the firmament? If an indy press published something of wide note (and inevitable notoriety) and rose up to spar with the Big 5 head to head? If talent busted out to compete with glitz and snobbery?

It would be good for the heritage and memory of the recent generations if we can tell our grandkids that it happened at least once. Wouldn't that be something? Grove Press was LONG AGO.

When's the next big thing going to hit? You know there will be jail-time.

And what will this new work deal with? Well, it will obviously feature plain talk about things like work, war, terror, gender, race, sex, class, money, nature---the basic things that haven't been creatively dealt with, with candor, in decades. It'll cause a ruckus. (This is the land of the free! You can't say that!)

But of course it'll all play out differently, too. Corporations learned from the 60's---so maybe there won't be any jail-time---that only gives prestige to a writer. How is truth kept down today?

Tao Lin said...

"Well, it will obviously feature plain talk about things like work, war, terror, gender, race, sex, class, money, nature---the basic things that haven't been creatively dealt with, with candor, in decades."

what a bullshit statement

the MP said...

Well done Jeff! The "whiner of cross dressing spooks" stepped right into the snare without you're having to lift a finger. Not even a real porcupine would be that stupid. See: "curses, foiled again", a little nudge and the laid back, hyperbolic understated pose falls down like pants around its ankles!
Your quote under attack here is riight on the mark, gleaning as it goes some of the great universal human themes that have always concerned societies and individuals that make 'em up even before history itself when MYTHology was the hearth/bon/camp fire that tribe, clan, family gathered 'round by which to "read" therein, and thereby embrace, the experience of the living symbols that connect and recall us to Relationship. Connection to Nature, connection to each other. Given that the most important phrase you use in leading into your litany is "plain talk" and that I am a poet of sorts (though confessedly an academic one, the deconditioning proceedure doesn't work too well on MADMEN) I will venture to posit the term "easy speak" to complement what you're saying but specifically as regards poeticks: resembling on approach traditional classical rhetoric but is in fact the irresistible flow of thought itself, the way we think, tamed by the spoken MEASURE of colloquial American.
This is as they say all academic unless the writer or oracle carries the great themes you mention in their hearts at the moment or duration of composition. Which I would respectfully like to extrapolate upon with the following additons: love and death, sadism and masochism, dignity in the face of reversal, trascendence and transformation, all and everything in daily mundane life of course, that be's where the mythic comes in. Not the deliberated confusion, fetishism, dimunition of the totalitarian elites, that Jeff has also raised concern about in the same commentary. If one would like to get a particular sense of what he's exposing here go to:
or close to it and check out (though there's a lot of great poets reading on there-- they are definitely serving as a smoke screen for the imbedded self interested demi-puppets and overdogs)the following: Bernstein, Sherlock, Linh Dinh, Tom Devaney, et al.
What does this mean. For one, nothing less than the differnce between the clever name- dropping excesses of Fancy as opposed to the vital underground invention of Imagination! Remember Coleridge, this battle is been go'n' on since those days and still is, 'cept it is part of a war for the hearts, minds and souls of the reading, listening public!
Sure yr a bit tired of my run on sentences but here's a little ditty for nitey-nite. See it simply as a broadside fired across their HMS bow:


You say there’s no Truth
She chimes that’s my opinion
he’s on medication less of an excuse
her friends sexuality is uncertain
in both minds psychology gets
a leg up though all ignore the signs.
A good dump is better than a steak
on the level even if you are not
no matter what we think out to lunch
could be better than our sorry lot
and madness prove a brave new world
that fits in the palm of your hand
despite what the papers say the crunch
would never trouble your sleep again.