Monday, June 13, 2005

ULA Show Diary

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Philly Show: 33 days and counting.

First, a reminder that the July 16th event at the Medusa is to celebrate-- a day before the PhillyZinefest-- the publication by LitVision Press of the Jack Saunders book, BUKOWSKI NEVER DID THIS: ONE YEAR IN THE LIFE OF AN UNDERGROUND WRITER AND HIS FAMILY.

The event, scheduled to start at 5 pm that Saturday, will be a combination reading and book release party. Your guess as to how much emphasis will be placed on "party"! Jack Saunders will headline, but will be preceded at the microphone by some of the best lit-performers in the country, including poet Michael Grover, pictured here at the 2004 ULA Conclave with renowned zine star of the 90's Lisa "Suckdog" Carver of ROLLERDERBY fame.

LATEST NEWS: Talented Philadelphia writers Ish Klein and Natalie Felix, and Jackie Corley of New Jersey's WordRiot, have all confirmed they'll be reading as well at the historic event-- which just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Hopefully I'll have photos of one of them to post on this blog as well!

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