Friday, June 17, 2005

ULA Public Advocate

Instead of peace offerings coming to me-- creating a role for myself for which I'm unsuited (my focus is literary revolution)-- they should go instead to the ULA's Public Advocate, J.D. Finch. (Contact info should be on the ULA site at He can decide which are serious and pass on to Steve Kostecke, Jeff Potter, and myself for consideration-- or to the ULA as a whole if necessary. From now on I'll forward all such requests to him.

Non-ULAers and ULAers alike can address any complaints about me or the ULA to Doug Finch as well. (I hope this doesn't swamp him with e-mails.) He can make occasional summaries of their content.

The ULA needs a diplomat or two to gauge the intent of the larger lit-world. We'll see how this works.

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Tao Lin said...

i think the ULA web site should team up with McDonald's in a sort of consolidation, because whenever i see two things that resemble each other, i just want them to merge and if they don't merge i feel wrong and can't sleep at night