Sunday, June 05, 2005

ULA Show Diary

First Event:
Show minus 41 days and counting.

Yesterday I met Philly underground poet Michael Grover (ex-ULA) and made peace with him so he can appear in the big July 16th Jack Saunders reading, which is getting every day bigger and bigger.

Whatever one might want to say about Grover, he IS one of the absolute spoken word masters in this country-- having first proved himself in L.A.-- and promises to blow the doors off when he reads. It will be exciting.

Both Wred Fright and Crazy Carl Robinson, ULA Superstars, say they should be able to make the reading as well. Fun and excitement in store like you would not believe. The only problem I have now is deciding who can follow these people. Not many!

ALSO: Bernice Mullins and Noah Cicero promise to be there as well. Their worries are that they're too anti-social working-class and won't be able to fit in with literary folk. Obviously they've never met the ULA!

OTHERS: Frank Walsh, Tim Hall, George Balgobin, Sarah Scheckter, Patrick King, Brady Russell, and a host of locals I'll be soon announcing.

WHERE: The Medusa Lounge, 21st Street near Chestnut.

WHEN: 5 p.m. to whenever, Saturday, July 16th.

Many more details about the headliner and the rest of an awesome card will follow in forthcoming days on this blog!!


BradyDale said...

To Bernice and Noah: it's going to be great. I can't wait to meet you! I'm from Kansas, so don't worry... we can definitely hang out in great anti-social, anti-yuppie joy.

M said...

Sounds like a fantastic show. Wish I could be there to meet the gang in person. If only I went to the East Coast in JULY instead of May! Are you guys going to record the readings?

Pat King said...

Pat King sez:

Funny you should ask, Marissa. Not only will there be two, maybe three of us recording the event (myself and Tim Hall) but I'll be recording the goings-on of the entire weekend and editing the footage into the ULA's first movie. With all of the crazy folks that'll be around, I'm sure it'll be entertaining to watch!

- Leopold said...

Nuts. we really need to organize a ULA North/West event...

the MP said...

The city, my city, our city is under attack right now: Gentrification, red-lining, uncontrolable greed of landlords and the rampant agressive delusions of the U of P and their RHD city government puppets, a veritable feeding frenzy of the privileged and their attendant demi- puppets lauding it over literature and culture in general.
Corruption is rampant, nepotism is like a plague. And yet there is an underlying electricity sizzling in the underground here. Actions are welling up. Poets and writers are taking to the streets. The old gods and godesses are watching and waiting. Gothicka needs your help to tip the scales in favor of the people. Who or what better than a gathering of the ULA forces in the
face of such a situation could turn the tide? Plus it'll be a hell of a good time.

Some though behave like a big piece of crust
sopping up the capital gravy drabs and drops
over their heads and on ours
just blow a bigger whistle on them
tell them right away, in their faces
to forestall the sell out of
your generation and those in the wings
justified as theirs without lifting a finger,
the attitude and indifference professed
just because they can get away
with it, and they’ll cry out for more guns
in one form or another to protect
all their junk from you, from us
but most of all from the truth,

the cards are stacked, the views
ass backwards; can you afford their shoes?

WV 7.9.03