Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tired Poetry

More AGNI #61.

An excerpt from a poem by Bennington prof Liam Rector (known affectionately by his students, I'm told, as "Liam Rectum").

"Of my boredom, its boredom
We made it back
To America, hitting

Shore at Boca Raton,
Pulling in midst the boats
Of the very, very rich.

I lived to write this
And never jumped ship
It was your kinship

Kept me going those years,
Times of ridiculous
Sailing, riotous fears.

Wives sailed by,
So many boats, and you soon
Left for Bangkok and its

Very distant coast.
Being young: being rich
Among inherited ruins."

(In this case it sounds like the inherited ruins are in the status quo world of literature.)


Adam Hardin said...

Tired and as inspired as bean soup.

I think he tried to be interesting though mentioning the wives gone, and going to Bangkok for what I assume are underaged prostitutes, but even that ruse can't save the emptiness of this poem.

the MP said...

One catches the over compensation here in particular lines (self indulgent "conceits" ( a poetic and kind way to put it)rather thaer than the hyperbole (a way of casting out the inventive line to winnow or hook into the truth in the underlying subject MATTER of the composition, indirectly-- a tighter part of speech than hyperbole might be the PARABOLA,two possible centers of denotation,,, my coining) instead of allusions here symbolic or actual this lap dog versifier favors the inside joke amongst the poverty stricken rich, nothing to do with readers or the public forum on which and over which the undergrounder depends and dotes like a mothah. As regards the rest of the world this is his insult.
He's not even grammatical: Your kinship, should be our kinship of course where ownership and eliteism is concerned these people are not critical of such faults but Gawd forbid if an undergrounder with serious playfulness at heart and a zealous desire to stretch the envelope of every day American speech in effect vitalizing it and making it current should make a mistake within the scope of the status quo literary establishment, well that true outlaw is attacked and vilified as a way to excuse in order to isolate and starve them off. Part of the Progrom much further elucidated in the current Monday report. More exposure of this fraud later....
Just to say also that getting Winans poetry up on Literary Adventures is another spectacular and efficacious accomplishment by the ULA that further routs the Overdog and demi-puppets BY EXAMPLE. The best way!

frantic said...

that poem is so bad that the author ought to be in ula